Senate and house chaplains hold pro-forma sessions for country's debt

Chaplains pray for fiscal cliff

WASHINGTON - The House and Senate chaplains are praying for members of Congress as the federal government hurtles toward the year-end fiscal cliff.

How would the fiscal cliff impact you?

At a pro-forma session Thursday that lasted only eight minutes, House Chaplain Patrick Conroy asked God to "send a spirit of wisdom and good judgment upon the leaders of Congress, that they might forge a solution to assuage the concerns of their fellow citizens."
On the other side of the Capitol, Senate Chaplain Barry Black prayed that God would give senators "the wisdom to refuse to sow to the wind, thereby risking reaping the whirlwind."
Conroy prayed that the Capitol would be filled with God's spirit this Christmas week, "so that there might be peace on Earth and good will among all men and women."
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