Lawmaker wants to fine speed camera operators for bad tickets

ANNAPOLIS, Md - It is a public safety, or a public scourge.

Speed cameras; there is no real neutral ground about it.

But it can be fair.

Errors in the system used by Baltimore City where several cameras even ticketed stopped cars have forced the city to hire a new camera vendor.

But thousands of dollars from bad tickets have already been paid because to fight the 40 dollar tickets is time most people don't have.

"Parking, going downtown the hustle and bustle of it so it's just a way to compensate you so that you can go to court and feel comfortable going to court and be compensated." Conaway says.

That compensation would be 150 to 200 dollars if you get a bad ticket in Baltimore City.

Delegate Frank Conaway Junior says under his bill, if you take a ticket to court and are able to beat it because of machine error you should be compensated for your time

And the vendor would lose 250 dollars.

He says it's all about accountability.

For each ticket that they issue they're going to get paid this way they will be responsible if they get paid and they shouldn't

Conaway and bill co-sponsor Delegate Kurt Anderson says they've received dozens of complaints monthly from people who feel that the city speed camera system is unfair.

He says by making it worth their while to fight a ticket, he says this will keep the camera vendor, and the law enforcement that are supposed to check each ticket on their toes.

 "The vendor is going to say hey, if I'm going to be fined $250 dollars every time it messes up we're going to make sure our cameras are right they're going to calibrate them and do the things they're supposed to do there's no other way to do it." Anderson says.

Conaway's bill would only affect tickets in Baltimore city.

But he says if it works here it could be easily expanded across the state in other jurisdictions that use speed cameras.

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