Dwyer's bill would toughen DUI penalties for legislators

ANNAPOLIS - Del. Don Dwyer is serving a 60-day jail sentence on weekends for his conviction of drunk boating and drunk driving.

This may have inspired him to draft a new bill. The Anne Arundel County Republican proposes elected officials in the state who are convicted of drunk driving must commit to a rehabilitation program and serve jail time.

Dwyer says this helped him and others would gain from it also.

"As the elected officials of the state, shouldn't we set the example for the general public?" Dwyer said. "I think we should. That's the reason I take the punishment that I have been given, I've benefited from the punishment I've been given and I think we ought to put it into law that as elected officials we're agreeing not only in words but in actions that we will step up to the plate a be held to a higher standard."

This bill would affect any member of the General Assembly if they plead guilty or were convicted of any offense and were given jail time.

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