Bill would force companies to pay back people who received erroneous tickets

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Getting one of those speed camera tickets and not deserving it had thousands of people steaming mad at Baltimore City.

The city shut down the entire program after an audit uncovered the problems.  In fact, it showed those cameras were wrong nearly 10 percent of the time, totaling nearly $2.8 million in misplaced funds.

On Friday, state lawmakers held hearings on a bill that would fine companies that handed out erroneous tickets.  It would require those companies to pay $125 to each person receiving a bad ticket.

"Everyone should be refunded.  Not just the money they have paid, but any kind of inconvenience having to go through this," said Del. Jill Carter, a Democrat from Baltimore.  "Some people have gotten multiple tickets, six or seven or eight that have accrued penalties as a result of this."

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