New CEO for Centerplate after dog kicking video

Centerplate -- the company that provides food services to Qualcomm Stadium and the San Diego Convention Center -- has a new CEO after previous CEO Desmond Hague was caught on video kicking a dog.
According to court documents, Hague was in an elevator in Vancouver when he was caught kicking a Doberman several times and yanking it by the neck as he left.
The video went viral and people around North America  promised to boycott any facility that uses Hague’s company.
The company announced Tuesday that Hague had resigned, and Chris Verros was appointed to acting president and CEO.
Joe O'Donnell, chairman of the board of directors for Centerplate, apologized for the incident in a statement released to the media:
"We want to reiterate that we do not condone nor would we ever overlook the abuse of animals. Following an extended review of the incident involving Mr. Hague, I’d like to apologize for the distress that this situation has caused to so many; but also thank our employees, clients and guests who expressed their feelings about this incident. Their voices helped us to frame our deliberations during this very unusual and unfortunate set of circumstances."
Verros had been COO of Centerplate since 2010.
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