New camera promises to let you keep an eye on your teen driver

Parents can now watch their young teen drivers without getting into the car.

DriveCam activates each time the teen driver does something considered unsafe.

The video is then sent to professionals, who will offer tips to improve.

It's also sent to parents.

The American Insurance Institute says DriveCam is just one of several recent technologies used to keep kids safe on the road.

Another technology is called "Geofencing."  It alerts parents when teen drivers go above a certain speed or outside a certain perimeter.

Want a cheaper option?  You've probably seen those "How's my driving?" bumper sticker.  Many parents are slapping them on their kids cars.  Comments can be texted to Mom and Dad.  Experts say it's effective.

Is this kind of monitoring too much?  Some experts say you should be upfront with your teenager to start.

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