MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced

GREENBELT, Md. (AP) -- A U.S. District judge has sentenced an MS-13 gang members to 60 years in prison for conspiring to take part in racketeering enterprise activities.

Thirty-year-old Victor Ramirez of Hyattsville and a native of El Salvador was convicted in November after a monthlong trial. The racketeering enterprise activities included three murders.

Witnesses testified that Ramirez entered the U.S. from El Salvador through Mexico, and that he had arrived in Maryland with another gang member. Ramirez and an MS-13 leader from El Salvador told witnesses that Ramirez had been sent to Maryland to strengthen the gang in the state.

Prosecutors say Ramirez and other gang members killed shot and killed two rival gang members in October 2005, and Ramirez provided a handgun that was used in the slaying of another man later that month.


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