Which Baltimore City employees made the most in 2013?

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein sits at the top of the list of highest paid city employees.

ABC2 Investigators obtained the database of city employee salaries for fiscal 2013 and Bernstein's salary is highest among the 15,919 people listed on the payroll. The State's Attorney made $238,681 in gross pay according to the database.

Among the 50 employees with the highest compensation in FY2013 you'll find Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Fire Chief James Clack, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, 20 people considered executive level employees, 21 members of the Baltimore Police Department, as well as the City Solicitor, City Auditor, Director of Public Works, a battalion fire chief and a staff aide to the fire chief.

Rawlings-Blake made $159,380 in FY2013, less than city Commissioner of Health Oxiris Barbot ($171,871), Alfred Foxx, the Director of Public Works ($161,139) and BPD police officer Albert Marcus ($166,821). Salaries listed in the database total more than $705,326,017. 

Here's a list of the Top 15 highest paid city employees:

Gregg Bernstein, State's Attorney:  $238,681

Harry Black, Director Department of Finance:  $181,309

Sarah Morris-Compton, Director Health Department Office of Policy & Planning:  $181,067

Julie Pitochelli, Police Detective:  $177,781

Alexander Sanchez, Mayor's Chief of Staff:  $175,756

Oxiris Barbot, Health Commissioner:  $171,871

Stephen Nalewajko Jr, Police Lieutenant:  $168,952

Albert Marcus Sr, Police Officer - Homicide:  $166,821

James Clack, Fire Chief:  $164,845

Alfred Foxx, Director Public Works: $161,753

George Nilson, City Solicitor:  $161,139

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor:  $159,380

Scott Mezan, Police Lieutenant:  $159,264

Rafiu Makanjuola, Police Officer:  $155,327

Garey Dyer, Police Officer:  $155,067

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