Cameras catch lawmakers sleeping, planning vacations, poking fun at other lawmakers

THURSDAY AT 11:   ABC2 Investigators look at the issue of aging tires.  Are the tires sold on store shelves as "new" really years old??

When it comes to raising awareness about tire aging, Maryland Delegate Benjamin Kramer is leading the charge in Maryland.  In the last two General Assembly sessions Kramer has proposed legislation that would highlight the issue of tire aging and notify consumers about the age of the new tires they're buying.

In the most recent session in Annapolis Kramer proposed House Bill 1110 , which would require retailers to let you know if a new tire you're buying was actually made more than three years ago.

ABC2 News Investigators attended the bill's hearing in March to see how lawmakers in the Economic Matters committee would respond to Kramer's arguments.  We found one lawmaker sleeping during the late afternoon hearing, another one making vacation plans and a few even trading jokes at Kramer's expense over instant message.

In the end, Kramer's bill was sent out for study and never heard again. 

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