2 Pit Bulls Kill Another Dog in Pikesville

Pikesville, MD - Two pit bulls are behind bars, accused of mauling a 3-year-old puppy to death.

"I'm just so devastated because I was so close to this dog," cried Lady's owner Elise Walker inside her apartment at The Estates in Pikesville. 

Walker is inconsolable.  Her son Jonathan walked lady outside late night Monday and almost immediately was attacked by the two pits who came charging from a nearby building.  "They just bit holes in her!  I was trying to save her but I couldn't," recalled Walker.

"It's an accident waiting to happen, unfortunately."

Adam Gregerman lives next to the pits' owner Michael Dunphy, who he approached before, "and just said ‘listen you can't have a dog running off leash let alone a pit' and I said it really friendly and he said ‘hey, don't worry about it."

We stopped by Dunphy's apartment to see what he had to say.   There was no sign of him, but we did see a letter tucked inside his door.  Management told us it's his eviction notice. 

As a result of this violation Mr. Dunphy has 30 days to vacate this property and find a new place to live.  Residents are now put on notice, management distributed flyers listing all banned breeds.  20 breeds are restricted including Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers.

Walker wants Dunphy and others to know, "The harm that it can cause to other defenseless animals." and to families who fear it could have been a defenseless child.

Most apartment complexes have similar breed restrictions and violations are typically subject to eviction.  Dunphy faces fines following a hearing with Animal Control.  Walker, however, may pursue her own charges against him.
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