Local art teacher auctions paintings of the Ravens to raise money for her school

BALTIMORE - You've seen our Ravens come to life on the field; now a Harford County art teacher is doing it on canvas, bringing our team to life with paint. Laura Buscemi is using her skills, plus a little inspiration from the Ravens, for a good cause.

Buscemi loves the Ravens and loves her students at Havre De Grace Middle School. Now she's combining the two to help make sure every child has the tools they need to succeed.
"I'm here to help. I don't want the kids to have less. So instead of them having less, I want to do whatever I can do to bring more money into the school and department."
And that's what she did. With brush in hand, she put her talents and passion to work. The results: magnificent portraits of players like Ray Lewis. When the paintings are done, she gets them signed and auctions them off. The money goes directly to her school's art department.
Buscemi told us, "Parents have been very supportive. Students have been very excited about it. They see the pictures and autographs. Overall everything has been absolutely wonderful. "
Debbie Frick's child is in Miss Buscemi's class. She bought one of the paintings. "First of all we love Ray Lewis and it was such a great job and we wanted to support the art department here at Havre De Grace Middle."
From Ray Lewis to Ed Reed, Laura is doing what she can to give back in a big way. She's raised about $1,200 so far for desks, art supplies and anything the department needs. "If I have the supplies I need, if I have the things I need to teach my children, it makes my job so much better." 
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