Want to avoid breast cancer? Eat more soy

Soy could lower risk for breast cancer - A new study finds a substance found in soy could help cut breast cancer risk. Isoflavones act as estrogens in the body.

They are typically used by post-menopausal women to treat night sweats and hot flashes.

But they may also cut the breast cancer risk of those women.

Study particpants who took high doses of the supplement reduced their cancer risk by 25-percent in five years.

Doctors suggest you get your isoflavones from food. Dr. Katherine Lee with the Cleveland Clinic says, "I usually recommend that if you're going to do soy you take it in foods. Not in supplements yet. And let's find out with more information and more supplements that we can use supplements. But soy beans, soy milk, soy nuts, these are all good sources that you can use."

Complete findings of the study are in the International Journal of Cancer.

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