Put a lid on it for bike helmet safety week

Tips to protect your family when riding a bicycle

It's Bike Helmet Safety Week. It's a chance for you to make sure your family's bike helmets are up-to-par.

A recent Boston Children's Hospital study reveals about three quarters of the people who die in bicycle crashes each year die from head injuries.
The same study found states with mandatory helmet laws had significantly lower rates of death among young people. All bike helmets must meet minimum safety standards.... so paying more for one does not buy you better protection.
U-V sunlight and environmental conditions can deteriorate a bike helmets' padding over time. So you should replace it every three to five years regardless of condition. Especially if it's been involved in a crash.
Dr. Michael Macknin from Cleveland Clinic says "Helmets are designed to take one good hit. And some people say, "gee what good is that?" it's wonderful. It protects your brain and that's the goal."
21 states including Maryland and the District of Columbia have laws requiring bicyclists to wear helmets.


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