New way to lose weight, fitness device tracks every move

We use our phones and tablets for almost everything these days. Now, you can use your phone to lose weight, eat well, and get in shape.

When you're at the gym, you want to make it count. You push, you pull, you play hard to shed those pounds.

But how do you know if you're really doing enough?

Steve Thacker works out at the Maryland Athletic Club in Hunt Valley. Doug Bopst is his personal trainer.

Their sessions are intense.

And now a cutting edge device is helping them take it up a notch.

Bopst says, "It not only tracks your calories and your heart rate but it tracks how intense you're working out."

The device is called Armour39. It's made by Under Armour and straps onto your chest and tracks your every move.

It's part of the latest and newest trend in fitness monitoring systems. Devices that sync to your phone to help you get the most out of your workout.

Bopst says, "When he's wearing this, I can tell how hard he's really working out versus when he's dogging it."

What makes it so helpful is there's actually a chip inside this device that will collect all your information during your workout. How hard you're working out, your heart rate and it will send it to your phone. At the end of the workout, it'll give you a complete workout summary and a willpower score.

Bopst says, "It's real time. There are no averages here. This is real time. It'll show you at the end of the workout a bar graph of what he did, how intense it was at what times, what his heart rate was."

Thacker says, "I'm a big feedback person. I like immediate feedback so the fact this thing is a constant reminder and I'm constantly peeking at it to see what my heart rate is."

The device with all its real time information is quickly replacing the simple pedometer.

Bopst says, "The thing is with the pedometer is you wear it at your waist and it only tracks how many steps you take and you could pick it up and you could shake the pedometer so you could really just shake your steps instead of just walking them."

And when it comes to maximizing your workouts, the more accurate information you have, the better.

Bopst says, "One of the biggest reasons people steer away from staying in an exercise program is just because of motivation and self confidence in themselves and this what does is it really proves to them that they did push themselves hard."

Armour39 costs about $150.

Nike also has a fitness monitoring device called the fuelband.

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