New poll shows we aren't too discerning when it comes to what we put in our mouths

Bad, disgusting food habits

Be honest.  You've dipped your carrot into the veggie dip after biting into it.  We'd all like to say we have the best manners when it comes to eating food, but a new poll suggests we really are quite disgusting. polled 400 readers about their food habits and found that we have low standards when it comes to what we put in our mouths.  For example, 73 percent of those polled admit to licking the spoon while they cook.  76 percent say they will double dip at a party.  And 52 percent admitted to serving food past its expiration date.

Besides the obvious "ick" factor, health experts tell that these bad food habits are a great way to spread illnesses or make us sick.  They recommend you use separate spoons when taste testing your kitchen creations, use a serving spoon or skip the dip altogether at parties, and always check the expiration date on your food.


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