New plastic surgery treatment gets rid of cellulite

Last weekend's weather was certainly a teaser to spring and summer.

We'll soon be in our shorts and bathing suits.  

But for some of us, showing all that skin can be uncomfortable especially if you have cellulite.

Now there's a new treatment that can help get rid of it.

Melissa Royall knows what it's like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. "Ever since I was in my 20s, I had always had an area on the back of my legs of cellulite and it had plagued me for years. I'd wear longer shorts and be self-conscious in bathing suits and things like that."

No matter what she tried… the cellulite just wouldn't go away. "I've tried creams, dieting, exercise, none of them got rid of it."

But she finally found something that worked. A new procedure called Cellulaze.

Dr. Michael Cohen from the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland explains how it works.

"So we typically treat under a local anesthetic. So we numb up the whole area sort of like a dental procedure and through tiny little stab wounds we can put this little canulla in, it's probably the size of a spaghetti and work it around and we can actually slice the bands and treat the skin… So we can get rid of some of the fat, we can slice the bands and we can tighten the skin so all three of those technologies are all used in this treatment of cellulite."

It takes several months for results to kick in. Dr. Cohen says, "Recovery is very much like liposuction recovery, there's maybe a little bit of bruising, some swelling, compression garments is essential for a couple of weeks to control some of the swelling, make it a little bit more comfortable for the recovery but again most people are able to get back to their routine in a couple of days."

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