New option for migraine sufferers

FDA approves patch for migraines

Relief is on the way for people who suffer from migraines. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new migraine patch.


According to Cleveland Clinic, Sumatriptan (soomah-trip-tan) Is a widely-prescribed drug for migraines. One drawback is that the patch is not necessarily "fast-acting."  It can take up to two hours before the pain is gone.
The patch may also cause a painful sensation and can irritate the skin. It's perfect for people who get queasy or throw up while battling a migraine.
"The patch is very effective at getting rid of nausea. For people who start with nausea, over 70% of them had the nausea relieved by an hour. Over 80% by 2 hours", said Dr. Stewart Tepper.
Although the patch has been approved by the FDA it may not be available until the end of the year.


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