Local sports program helps kids become professional athletes

The Ravens Super Bowl win is a great example of how sports can play a positive role in kid's lives.

Whether it's kicking the ball around on a little league soccer field, or catching a touchdown on the varsity team, it teaches kids about working hard and working together.

There's a school dedicated to making young athletes better on the field and better in life.

It's made Max Friedman faster on his feet and stronger in his mind.

When Hakeem Clark, the program director at Parisi Speed School in Pikesville, first met the 6th grader, he was a shy kid who didn't say much.

"Max was one of the quietest kids I ever trained." But that changed as Hakeem worked with Max at the Parisi Speed School at Lifebridge Health and Fitness.

Here, during personalized and group sessions, they work on everything from building your strength, to coordination and speed.

The goal is not only to make you a better athlete, but a better person.

Hakeem says, "It's not a competitive program where we're just pitting kids against each other, it's helping them to improve for themselves."

The program has made a positive change in Max's life. "When I'm playing a tall person in basketball, I would used to say oh man we're playing a tall person, but now it's like who cares, let's take it to him." 

Max plays baseball and basketball for his school and he's on several travel teams. He hopes to become a NBA or MLB player when he grows up.

His dad says it's changed the way max approaches the game. Jeffrey Friedman says,

"Every time he hits the field or the court or anything like that, he carries himself with I can do this, I can succeed."   

The success has carried over into the classroom as well. Max says, "I have confidence that I can do well on my tests so i study hard for my tests, but if it's hard, I always say wait I can do this."

It's been such a positive experience for Max, his younger brother Alex is following in his footsteps and plans to enroll at Parisi.

Kids as young as 7 can participate in the program.

The Parisi Speed School trains athletes who want to pursue a career in professional sports. It also caters to those who just want to improve on their skills.

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