I-lipo machine melts the fat cells away

Lose weight in 20 minutes with new treatment

TAMPA, Fla. - In about 20 minutes you could be losing up to an inch and half off your waistline.  The technology that makes it all possible is called I-lipo.

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"We apply it in any area that is a concern for a patient, said aesthetician Jessica Bull.

Example of treatment areas:


Skin NV in Tampa started offering I-lipo this year and it seems to be a success.  Bull said she conducts several appoints each day.  The benefit to this type of program is that I-lipo isn't painful and it's quick -- it's just 20 minutes per session.

The machine's laser melts fat cells away.

"It's great for that person that already is living a healthy lifestyle who is working out, eating the right things, but we all can have those areas as we age that become more of a trouble spot to lose weight," said Bull.

It takes about eight sessions to see the full impact.  Patricia Danysh lost five and half inches after just four sessions.

"It made me feel good about me; I'm not doing this for anyone else but myself," said Danysh.

I-lipo patients normally see about a 10-percent fat reduction in the treated areas.

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