How to tell whether you have a cold or flu

TAMPA, Fla. - Flu numbers across the country are high this year.  People are buying medicines to relieve the headache, but how do you know what you really have? 

"The List" went to Florida Hospital to chat with doctors about the easiest what to distinguish between the cold and the flu.

Cold Symptoms:

Usual no fever

Productive cough

Runny nose

Flu Symptoms:

Fever is present

Dry cough

Body Aches

Dr. James Orlowski said if you have the flu, you will know it.

"The flu you feel miserable you ache all over every muscle in your body hurt, said Orlowski.  You feel terrible with the fever you feel like you've been run over by a mac truck."

He said the best remedy for the flu is Tamiflu.  The best remedy for a cold is chicken soup.

Doctors recommend staying home if you feel flu or cold symptoms because it's the easiest way not to spread the germs.

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