How to find the right salon for your pedicure

Summer will be here before you know it and now is the time ladies to get your feet sandal ready.

But where you go to get a pedicure can be the difference between perfection and pain.    

Scope out the salon first.

Joy Rowland with the Cleveland Clinic says, "Visit the place you want to go. Watch them and make sure they use clean utensils or tools, that they disinfect their bowls after each use."    

When pedicure tools aren't cleaned properly, your skin and nails can get infected.    

Salons should be using a process called 'autoclaving'.  This is the same method hospitals use to disinfect surgical tools.

If you notice the area around your nail is hot, red or swollen a few days after a pedicure, you may have an infection.

If you notice anything strange on your feet, have it checked by a doctor.


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