Don't get rid of all your stress, some of it is good for you

BALTIMORE - If you're hoping to have to handle a little less stress in 2013, that's a good thing.

Some stress may actually be good for you, in small doses.

But chronic stress can do serious damage. 

Dr. Michael Roizen with Cleveland Clinic says, "In the short term it increases cortisol and some other hormone levels but in the long term it actually depletes those and it's that depletion, that chronic stress that is really aging us. It increases our risk of cancers. It increases our risk of inflammation and the plaque rupture which causes heart disease, stroke, memory loss and by diverting us increases our risk of accidents." 

There's no way to avoid stress, but how you manage it makes a big difference.

Tips for dealing with stress

Dr. Roizen recommends:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Having a good circle of friends for support
  • Having empathy
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