Doc groups issue list of overused tests, therapies


WASHINGTON (AP) -- For people who sometimes wonder about the necessity of medical tests ordered by their doctors, the advice from physicians' groups is -- just ask.
A coalition of medical groups representing more than 350,000 doctors has come up with dozens of overused or unnecessary tests and treatments.
For example, the groups say screening for a clogged neck artery isn't necessary when there are no worrisome stroke signs. 
The warning being issued is that potentially needless care not only can waste money and time, but sometimes can harm.
The recommendations are part of a coalition called Choosing Wisely, formed by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. The list is aimed at doctors and includes references to published studies. Consumer advocates are publicizing the information in more patient-friendly terms.
Last year, the coalition listed 45 overused tests and treatments. It adds 90 more this year.
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