Choosing the best hand sanitizer

There are so many hand sanitizers on the market. How do you know which is best for you and your family?

From gels, to sprays, and foams, there are plenty of options out there for hand sanitizers.

But when it comes to killing germs, are some better than others?

Steve Attman of Acme Paper and Supply says, "Purell which is the most known brand in the market did a new study about 2 years ago and for that study they won an award from Clorox for best new scientific discovery."

That discovery revealed when it comes to all the different kinds of hand sanitizers, gel may not be the best option.

"Foam actually was working better than gels as you use them more often." Attman says with foam, the more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

"So you didn't have to wash your hands in between to start over again. The older products, the more you used them, the less effective they were actually becoming."

You also want to make sure you're getting enough of it on your hands to kill germs.

Attman says, "You want to get a couple hits of a dispenser to make sure you get enough sanitizer to totally saturate your hands."

And if you're looking for a greener version, they're out there too.

"Instead of using petroleum in the product of any kind, it's using ethanol, so it's using a greener version of the same product," says Attman.


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