'Boredom diet' promises weight loss through repetition

Lose weight eating the same thing day after day

Variety may be the spice of life -- but when it comes to what you eat a little monotony could be the key to some weight loss.

After all, it worked for Jared and his Subway sandwiches. Maybe it could work for you too. It's dubbed the boredom diet.

Dieticians say if you eat the same thing, day after day it could help you lose weight.

One devoted dieter said he lost 50 pounds eating a salad from Chipolte everyday for eight months.
Experts say studies show you may eat less if you're eating the same meal day after day however you should still make good choices.
The boredom diet is nothing new. The weight management strategy has been around at least since 2005 when author Michael W. Woodward, a skinny man who used to be fat, released the book titled T he Boredom Diet.
Source: Good Morning America
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