Thousands rally for Baltimore City School funding

ANNAPOLIS, Md - Thousands of people turned out at a Rally Monday night in Annapolis in support of rebuilding Baltimore City schools.  The rally was in support of a Block Grant Bill.

It's a plan to renovate and rebuild the city's school buildings.  The bill includes the creation of a new construction authority that would oversee planning, financing and construction of school projects.

Supporters say the bill is needed because the current system for financing school renovation will not catch up to the needs of Baltimore City School buildings.

Teachers, students and parents at the rally described bad conditions at city schools including: broken windows, hot classrooms and inadequate computer labs.  They called upon lawmakers to provide the resources to rebuild the state's oldest school buildings.

The rally was sponsored by the Baltimore Education Coalition.  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and City Schools CEO Dr. Andres Alonzo led the effort to encourage the General Assembly to pass the School Construction Bill.

It comes up for a hearing in the House of Delegates on March 5th.


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