Students set academic goals for 2013

BALTIMORE - As students return to the classroom, it's time to focus on learning.  New Year's academic resolutions are pretty much off the list of most students.

Dr. Richard Bavaria is Sylvan Learning Center's Senior Vice President.  He offers some advice for parents.  If you want to secure a successful academic change in your child this year, try a  new tactic, the Anti-Resolution.

Students can create new positive academic habits by saying no.

"Students don't always like to be told what to do.  If we tell them to develop a list of what they will not do, we call them anti-resolutions.  This helps students a lot when they make their goals for the new year," said Dr. Richard Bavaria, Senior Vice President at Sylvan Learning.

Here are five Anti-Resolution suggestions from Sylvan Learning to get your student on the path toward better academic results in 2013.

First, I will NOT be afraid to raise my hand in class. Asking questions is a key part of learning and it may clarify understanding of a lesson.

Second, I will NOT play video games before I do my homework.  Students need to make sure that school work takes precedence.

Third, I will NOT miss out on reading for 20 minutes everyday.  Children cannot improve reading skills or develop a love of reading if they don't do it regularly.

Fourth, I will NOT talk in class when I should be listening.  Students need to realize they must pay attention while the teacher instructs.

Fifth, I will NOT forget to write down my assignments.  A student can't do homework they don't know about and frantic last minute calls to classmates for homework assignments shows a lack of discipline.

"It's never too late to improve yourself especially when it comes to school. Kids want to be successful. They want to please teachers and it's important for us to help them be successful," said Dr. Bavaria.

Hopefully, these tips will lead to success in the classroom.  Dr. Bavaria has a blog that offers more educational advice for students and parents.  You can check it out at


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