Students at Woodholme Elementary School launch fundraiser to benefit ALS

Pikesville, Md - Students in Mr. Ian Chisholm's fourth grade class at Woodholme Elementary School are busy making bracelets and key chains.  It's part of a project to raise money to help fight Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis or ALS.

Students came up with the fundraiser after reading a story about Lou Gehrig and ALS.  It's a disease which affects nearly 30,000 Americans.

"I thought that these kids could benefit from hearing about something that was happening now.  It's something that they could connect to.  I think that's important as a teacher to give kids those opportunities," said Chisholm, Teacher.

Students are selling the bracelets and key chains for $5 a piece.  The money benefits the Brigance Brigade.  It's named in honor of former Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance.

He was a Linebacker for the Ravens who helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2001.  He was confined to a wheelchair and lost his ability to speak or breathe without medical equipment after being diagnosed with ALS in 2007.

He inspires others including students by heading up a charity that funds research to fight ALS.

"I think the fundraiser is important because it's going to help find a cure for ALS," said Nathan Bragg, fourth grade student.

"This fundraiser is fun to do because you get to raise money for one of the old Ravens player and it really helped my self esteem," said Asya Tyler, fourth grade student.

Teachers say it's not all about book learning.  It's also important for students to give back.

"It's been a great lesson for them.  They've learned about compassion and empathy.  I think as a teacher if you can inspire kids and you can give them something to feel passionate about and motivate them with energy and enthusiasm, they will make good things happen," said Chisholm.

Students have sold 75 items.  The goal is to raise $500 to benefit the Brigance Brigade.  


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