Student makes an impact in music and education

BALTIMORE - Keon Myers or Lil Key has nailed a record deal at 12-years-old.  This rapping sensation dreams of making it big in the music world.

He is well on his way.

"Once I saw my family members doing it, I wanted to try it like my mother.  She went on with an entertainment career.  She had a singing career and also my uncle.  He was rapping also and I like the music. They practiced in our basement so; therefore, when I was watching, I enjoyed it and decided to try it," said Keon Myers, seventh grader at Afya Public Charter School.

Currently, Lil Key performs at local events.  He creates catchy and inspirational lyrics to some of the hottest beats.  His songs are positive and appropriate for all ages.

"I like the spotlight so;  therefore, when I'm on the stage, I just rip it," said Lil Key.

Keon is an excellent student while pursuing a music career.  He is in the seventh grade at Afya Public Charter School in Northeast Baltimore.  He maintains A's and B's on the honor roll and loves to play football.

"I think it's fantastic that he has a goal already in mind and a dream for himself. He's making strides to pursue that dream and he is being successful at it. The fact that he's been able to stay focused on his academics and be successful with his music is a real testament to the student he is,"  Katie Marts, Principal at Afya Public Charter School.

As Lil Key climbs the ladder of success in the rap industry, he's first developing a good educational foundation.

"If you try hard enough and just work and work for it because hard work and dedication will always come towards you," said Lil Key.

Lil Key has a deal with Manta Ray Records.  He is releasing his first CD in April.  Lil Key's Birthday Bash and CD Release Party will be held on Saturday April 6th from 7pm - 11pm at Overlea Hall.


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