St. Mary's College of Maryland to implement Meatless Mondays Pilot Program

St. Mary's City, Md - Due to a resolution recently passed by the Student Government Association, St. Mary's College of Maryland will soon implement a "Meatless Mondays" pilot program.  The program will begin February 4th and will run for eight weeks.

Once the eight week trial period is over, the SGA will assess the effectiveness of the program as well as student responses before deciding whether to continue the program.

The resolution to implement Meatless Mondays was unanimously passed by the St. Mary's College SGA in early December after months of inter-campus debate.  According to the resolution, the concept of Meatless Mondays upholds the college's mission to be environmentally sustainable by decreasing its dependence on factory farming.

The eight week long trial program will cease the serving of meat, with the exception of deli meats, in the Great Room on Mondays.  Meat options will continue to be available at other campus eateries.


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