Sandy Hook Elementary students head back to class while local schools beef up security plans

TOWSON, Md - As local students return to class after winter break, Police Officers will continue to patrol schools.  In Baltimore County it's all part of the Keep a Check Program for Baltimore County Schools that do not have a School Resource Officer assigned directly to the schools.

Officers visit the schools multiple times during a shift to ensure the schools are safe and secure.  Baltimore County Police says they will patrol the schools until further notice.

The school shooting in Newtown that left 26 people dead including 20 young children has districts on alert.

In Baltimore County, the Superintendent says there are security plans in place.  Dr. S. Dallas Dance says they are considering enhanced security options that other districts are using like badges for all staff and students as well as cameras and a buzz in policy at all doors.

In Howard County, the Superintendent, Dr. Renee Foose says they are looking at security upgrades for their schools.  Her team looked at potential vulnerabilities in the system.  They identified at least two schools that will need physical changes.

She says Newtown is an important reason to update safety plans and procedures.


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