Marylanbd school administrators get lesson in cyber-bullying courtesy of Facebook

Facebook launches seminar in Maryland

Maryland public school administrators were given a lesson Friday in social media to help teachers help students dealing with bullying.

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This is an idea started by Facebook. It sent a representative to train Maryland school administrators about the ins and outs of Facebook and other social media.  Facebook chose Maryland for this pilot program. It wants educators to be better trained to see problems on social media and address them, especially cyber-bullying.

"To teach children and make sure we ourselves we are up on the latest updates so we understand how they can best be utilized and utilized properly," Kelly Keeton, of Cecil County Public Schools, said. "I think that's the best piece of education that comes out of all of this."

The administrators here are grateful for the opportunity to learn, but as with most worthwhile academic ventures, this won't be easy.

"It's a great solution, It's a great start but everybody needs to educate themselves for this to be successful," Janet Shipman, of Frederick County Public Schools, said.

If there was one thing that was learned Friday,  it was to understand and to engage with your  students and your children at home.

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