Jemicy School offers new science learning tool for students

Owings Mills, Md - Students are hard at work at Jemicy Lower and Middle School campus in Owings Mills in Baltimore County. They are making bird houses.

"It's a great addition to Jemicy because we can do more activities here than we could do in the old science room.  We can plant more seeds. We can learn more because we have bigger spaces. We have more supplies," said Hailey Fried, fourth grade student at Jemicy School.

Jemicy School's new Green Science Classroom allows for hands on learning for students.  Jemicy serves students with dyslexia and other related language based learning differences.

Dyslexic students are gifted in science.  The new science building allows them to enhance their gift.

"This is a place that invites kids to see how they engage with the environment and that is what science should be about.  It's not about what happens in a lab. It's about engaging with the full world," said Dr. Emily Stanley, Chair Jemicy Lower and Middle School Science Department.

The new classroom offers environmentally friendly aspects. They have an indoor Greenhouse Bay for Planting projects. 

Students can utilize rain water collection barrels to water plants and learn about energy saving features.  There are also classroom animals that include a bearded dragon, turtle, corn snakes and a guinea pig. 

The new facility allows Jemicy to move one step forward in the 21st Century.

"As we are learning more and more and move to the core curriculum standards it's not about  just book learning it's about doing. As we know in life, students learn best when they do -- not when they listen; therefore, this science building has created unbelievable opportunities for our students," said Ben Shifrin, Head of School, Jemicy School.

Crews are working on the outdoor gardening area and outdoor instructional plaza, which surrounds the new Green Science classroom.  It is expected to be completed in a couple of weeks.


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