High School students attend Summer Science Academy at McDaniel College

Westminster, Md - Students with the Summer Science Academy at McDaniel College are hard at work.  They are putting their Science and Technology skills to the test during the summer break.

It's part of a forensics camp that offers education in space, rocketry, robotics plus an advanced physical science lab.

"We wanted to have more students see the campus and get to know McDaniel to teach them something about what Science in the real world is like. We want them to see if a career in science is something that many of them are interested in," said Brian Wladkowski, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

This is the ninth year for the Science Academy.   Another incentive for students is a $40,000 scholarship if they decide to attend McDaniel College.

"It fits in really well with the tradition that we have here of trying to support students who want to go to college and maybe don't have the resources to do it," said Jeffrey Marx, Associate Professor of Physics.

The program also teaches students about College life.  McDaniel College hosts four week long Summer Science Academy Programs. Some students stay on campus while others commute each day.

"It's been really fun.  I didn't expect we would do this much stuff.  We shot guns. We did blood analysis and that was really scary because we had to prick our fingers and I wasn't prepared for that at all," said Karrin Thompson, High School Senior.

"I'm really surprised there are so many girls here.  I was hoping I wasn't going to be one of the few. It's really great that girls are interested in Science," said Sophia Coates, High School Senior.

More than 90 students who attend the Summer Science Academy are eligible for a $40,000 scholarship if they attend McDaniel College.  Students will receive $10,000 a year applied to their financial aid package.


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