Gilman School celebrates diversity with Festival of Languages

BALTIMORE - It's not your average day at Gilman School in Baltimore.  These middle school students are experiencing a culture other than their own. 

It's part of Festival of Languages.

"Very often they think living in the United States that English is the only important language.  We tell them it's a small world and they would be much better off if they could speak another language and immerse themselves in another culture," said Pam Abruzzo, French Teacher at Gilman School.

Language teachers say it is important for students to celebrate diversity and learn about other cultures.  The all male student body immersed themselves in French and Spanish this week.

Monday they focused on the French. On Tuesday they looked at the Spanish and Wednesday students focused on the food.  Each student brought a dish that represented French or Spanish culture or their own culture.

"I really like the whole part of it like French Day. You get to dress up in French clothes and have fun. You get to talk to teachers in French.  It's a fun week," said Nathan Shaw, eighth grade student at Gilman School.

Students also competed in a poster contest and held a special assembly. It's all in an effort to promote diversity.

"You get to see what kind of art the languages produce. My artist was Juan and he does a lot of colorful artwork.  It was interesting to see the different types he does," said Will Washburn, eighth grade student at Gilman School.

This week students also put their French and Spanish speaking skills to the test.  No matter what language you say it in, students enjoyed celebrating diversity.

The Middle School Modern Language Department has hosted the Festival of Languages for 14 years at Gilman School.


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