City Springs Elementary/Middle School uses technology in the classroom

BALTIMORE - Students are using Ipads as part of their daily instruction in a Kindergarten class at City Springs Elementary/ Middle School in Southeast Baltimore.  Today they are learning about animals, shapes and numbers.

This type of technology makes learning fun for Cavoi Thornton.

"I like this app on the Ipad because you can match stuff and you don't even know what the one is, but you can get it right and I like it," said Cavoi Thornton, Kindergarten student.

City Springs kicked off an Ipad Pilot Program at the beginning of the school year.  They passed out 180 Ipads to a Kindergarten class and seventh and eighth grade students to integrate technology into daily learning.

A school survey last year showed that 44 percent of City Springs seventh and eighth grade students had access to the internet and computers at home.

"I think in comparison to their peers across this nation the percentage is probably higher. I felt we needed to provide them with that experience in order for them to be competitive in this global economy," said Rhonda Richetta, Principal City Springs Elementary/Middle School.

The Ipads offer great visuals for science instruction in Mr. Zachary Carey's seventh grade class.  The Ipads help students understand the concepts.

Students use the Ipads for language arts, science, math and social studies.  They love it.

"It's made a difference because last year it seemed like we didn't like class. It was boring and now that we have the Ipads, we come to class more eager to learn," said Shaira Madden, seventh grader.

"The Ipads are better than the teachers sometimes because the teachers they get a little boring, but the Ipads are better to learn in class," said Sean Branch, seventh grader.

The Abell Foundation, which is a private organization, bought the Ipads for the Pilot Program at a cost of $108,000.

School Administrators say the goal next year is to make sure every City Springs student has an Ipad to make them competitive in the future.

City Springs Elementary/Middle Schools is a Baltimore City Charter School operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project. 

The Baltimore Curriculum Project is a non-profit organization that operates four neighborhood charter schools in East Baltimore.  It offers many services for the schools.


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