Author talks to Baltimore City students about relationships

BALTIMORE - All eyes are on Michael Newman at Baltimore Community High School.  He's a Relationship Strategist and Author of a new book, "Meeting Mr. Right versus Mr. Right Now."

He's offering advice to some Baltimore City Public High School students on relationships.

"I want students to know it's important mainly to love yourself.  I want everyone to know that they shouldn't settle that the only way you cannot settle on a relationship or settle for mediocre life is to be happy and if you are happy you won't let anyone deter you from being happy," said Author Michael Newman.

Baltimore Community High School is a transition school serving 350 students in sixth through 12th grades.  It's a place for students to make up credits lost and turn things around academically.

This conversation comes at a good time as students prepare for Prom.  High School dating and relationships can be a confusing time for teens.  

Newman hopes to educate students to help make good decisions and set them on the right path.

"I think by reading his book and understanding how a relationship can work and having some kind of guide may help them with structure and also thinking about themselves in a relationship," said Linda Stokes with Baltimore Community High School.

Newman's book focuses on todays approach to relationships for his generation.  He redefines the meaning of relationships and how to find true love.  

He hopes his message can start teens off on the right path.  Many of the teens are Seniors planning for college.  Students admit they picked up some helpful advice from Newman as they prepare for higher learning.

"I learned to focus on myself more. I took that as good advice because that's one thing I don't really do," said Khadijah Stewart, a senior.

"We should make sure we love ourselves before we get into a relationship that we think we want  to stay committed too so we need to make sure we have ourselves ready to be in a relationship," said Markel Steele,  a senior.

You can find a copy of "Meeting Mr. Right versus Mr. Right Now" at


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