DWTS: Trio night on the dance floor

Trio Night on Dancing with the Stars brought some breakthroughs and some disappointment. Overall, it was a fun night on the dance floor.

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater kicked off the night with an action-packed Jive to Shake Your Tailfeather from The Blues Brothers. They had a fun Blues Brothers theme and held nothing back. The judges talked about how Rashad's footwork was lacking, but I couldn't care less. This Jive was a blast and I'd watch it again and again. 36

Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy performed a Contemporary to "Freedom" chronicling her past pain with social media trolls. She was in command of the dance floor and the crowd. This was one of the most mesmerizing performances I've seen.  She looked so humbled after getting her second perfect score. A well-deserved 40 for Normani.

In the package before their performance, Bonner Bolton talked about how difficult this past week's rehearsals were because he had to keep re-visiting his accident. I liked the intensity that Bonner brought to his Argentine Tango with Sharna Burgess, however it was just a hair shy of where it needed to be. Okay, maybe several hairs. Len called him out for being in the competition too long, and although it was mean, he was right. 30

Simone Biles and Sasha Farber performed a Foxtrot to "You Don't Know You're Beautiful". Sasha talked about how there are a lot of things about Simone that she doesn't know about herself. I loved the choreography, but I don't feel like I learned any more about Simone. She is going into these performances as a gymnast and not a dancer. Once she breaks through and connects with Sasha, she'll be golden. 36

Lindsay Arnold outdid herself when she choreographed a Waltz for David Ross to "Humble and Kind". This was by far his best performance. He was real and emotional. This might be my favorite dance of the season. The father/daughter theme hooked me. Hats off to David. 36

Trio Round

Rashad and Emma teamed up with Witney Carson for their Trio-Argentine Tango and it was something else. The story-telling and passion were off the charts. I definitely noticed Rashad's lack of technique this time around, but the performance more than made up for it. Rashad nailed this one. Best dance for him. 39

Normani, Val, and Alan Bersten pulled off one of the most fun Jives I've ever seen. The Trio portion of it was flawless. Val's choreography was perfect. What I loved the most about it, is that in the preview package, Normani talked about how hot Bonner is and sure enough he showed up at the end of the dance. It was adorable. Normani is the one to beat. I also love how they just laugh when Len gets grumpy. I want to be friends with Normani. 39 

Bonner and Sharna's Trio-Jazz with Britt Stewart was totally lacking content, which is a shame because it was the most committed I've seen Bonner in a long time. It was a raunch-fest. I did not love the presentation, but I think it was one of Bonner's best. Julianne Hough said it best, "I feel like we watched the security cameras and I feel bad". Agreed, Julianne. 28

I didn't see emotional commitment from Simone during her Trio-Paso with Sasha and Brittany Cherry. It was a solid performance, but was lacking real connection. She also seemed to be a little attitudey when she was getting her scores. She's fallen from one of my top spots. 36

David has made HUGE strides in the past week. He is far from first place, but has improved so much. I finally saw him commit to a character that wasn't silly and goofy. Quality of movement wasn't great, but it had a lot of heart (which is what Simone is lacking). 29

Bonner is the one to get the boot this week. David should be hot on his heels, because he really can't compete technically with the other dancers. I'm super excited for next week's semi-finals! The dancing is going to be ridonk!

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