Delegate Don Dwyer to raffle AK-47 for fundraiser

PASADENA, Md. - Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer has announced a fundraising event in support of guns rights and his re-election campaign. As part of the event he is selling raffle tickets for an AR-15 and AK-47.

Tickets for the assault riffles are available for $10 and can even be purchased online.
The Gun Rights and Liberty BBQ Gun Raffle proceeds will help fund a state-wide effort to defeat legislators who supported SB 281.
The guns are being held at Pasenda Pawn and Gun.
Get more information about the event here.
Dwyer received a lot of media attention in the summer of 2012 for getting into a boat accident that injured himself and 6 other people.  Dwyer later admitted to driving the boat after drinking.

ABC2 has created a resource page with information on the gun debate in Maryland.  Check it out here:



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