Howard County Police: Aguilar fired shot outside of Zumiez, assembled gun in dressing room

Howard County police release info on Twitter

COLUMBIA, Md. - UPDATE --  Darion Aguilar, the gunman in the fatal Columbia mall shooting, apologized for what he was "planning to do," Howard County police said on Twitter.

The department began releasing new information culled from the pages of Aguilar's journal on Wednesday. ( See Storify timeline below)

Aguilar expressed that his "plan" was set, although police said he didn't say specifically what he was planning.

Police revealed that Aguilar expressed thoughts of dying and killing people in general terms, although in his writing, Aguilar never mentioned targeting a specific group or individuals. The victims of the shooting at the Mall in Columbia are not mentioned in the journal, police said.

Aguilar also wrote that he thought he needed professional help.

ORIGINAL -- Howard County police said Darion Aguilar, the man who shot and killed two people in the Mall in Columbia, fired one shot outside of the Zumiez store where he took his own life, according to the department's official Twitter page.   

The spray of from Aguilar's Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun shell hit a woman in the foot and the wall near the food court, which is on the first floor of the mall—one level down from police found the bodies of Brianna Benlolo and Tyler Johnson.

Police identified the injured woman as Susan Kay Straumanis, 49, of Hanover. Straumanis was treated for her injury at the nearby Howard County General Hospital. Four others were transported to the hospital for injuries suffered in relation to the shooting, such as a sprained ankle as they ran away in the commotion that followed, Howard County police Chief William McMahon said.

Howard County police have turned to Twitter in the wake of the shooting to provide updates on the investigation. (See below)

On Wednesday, police revealed that the suspect was already dead when officers arrived at the scene less than two minutes after the first 911 call, received at 11:15 a.m.

Investigators also noted that the Zumiez store did not contain surveillance cameras, so no actual footage of the shooting from inside the store exists. Initial reports suggested that Aguilar arrived at the Mall in Columbia a little after 10 a.m. in a cab.

The 19-year-old from College Park carried the shotgun, broken down in a backpack, police believe. He assembled the gun inside the dressing at the Zumiez store.

And detectives have not yet established a motive for the shooting. 

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