Daughter, boyfriend charged in Ellicott City man's murder

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - As police investigators continued to search for clues following 58-year old Dennis Lane's stabbing death inside his Ellicott City home, friends of his 14-year old daughter, Morgan, dropped off flowers, mindful of her loss.

"I just like... I loved him, because he was my best friend's dad and he would always take us places," said Sarah Fuss, "We would go hiking with him and Morgan's birthday we went to Dave and Buster's and we just had so much fun and I just can't believe this happened and it just makes me so sad to think that it's actually real and he actually died." 
But now, Howard County Police have arrested Morgan Lane Arnold and her 19-year old boyfriend, Jason Bulmer, and have charged them both as adults.
"Detectives believe that the two have been discussing killing Mr. Lane over the course of the last two months through electronic communication and then yesterday it was ultimately decided that during the night last night would be when they would finally follow through," said Sherry Lewellyn of the Howard County Police Department.
Police say Lane's daughter left the sliding glass door in the basement unlocked so that Bulmer could slip inside the house early this morning to commit the crime.
After another adult awoke to the commotion, she called 911.
When officers arrived at the home, they discovered Lane dead and the suspects sitting together in a nearby upstairs bedroom.
They say Bulmer's hands and clothing were covered with blood.
Police say the teenagers planned to run away together after murdering Lane.
Family friends say both of the suspects were special needs students who attended high school together.
* ABC2 News' Jeff Hager and Christian Schaffer contributed to this report.
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