Plea deal possible for Harford teen charged with killing father

BEL AIR - After two years of waiting, a Harford County teenager accused of killing his father will finally have his day in court; albeit not for trial.

Robert Richardson III has been facing first-degree murder charges since 2012 when police say the then-16-year-old admitted to the crime.

Richardson was charged as an adult and has spent the last two years in the Harford County Detention Center awaiting trial. That trial was scheduled for early February. But on Tuesday, court records showed a plea hearing in the case was set for 3 p.m. Wednesday in Bel Air.

The details of the possible plea agreement will be released in open court Wednesday, but it could signify an end to a case that has gotten a lot of attention. Many in Harford County rallied around the now 18-year-old Richardson, creating a popular Facebook page and sparking a now global campaign to free the young man.

ABC2 News will be in that courtroom and bring you the developments as they become available.

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