Investigators find evidence of lethal injections

JOPPA, Md. - The picture posted on Facebook shows Qucelia Baldeo expressing a mother's love for her child---the same child paramedics could not save after responding to an emergency call from a Joppa home on Tuesday.

"The child was nine months old.  The child was in cardiac arrest.   EMS immediately took the child and transported the child to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center," said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff's Office, "While the deputies were there their attention was also drawn to a 19-year old female in the home who had suffered injuries in the form of injuries to her wrist where she had slashed her wrists."

9-month old Salena Weber was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and after obtaining a search warrant, investigators discovered evidence of what may have caused the infant's heart to fail.

"They believe the baby had been injected with insulin... insulin probably in doses that were incompatible with life," said Hopkins.

In the search for answers following Salena's death, the focus now shifts to the obvious question---Why a doting, young mother would intentionally take the life of her only child?

"We do know that post-partum depression, which can be a mental health issue can extend for months, sometimes much longer than that, and we do know that women experience it," said Hopkins, "I think from a police perspective, we may not fully understand it or comprehend it as deeply as psychologists and psychiatrists do, but it's certainly something in this case that we have to look at."

Baldeo is listed in critical condition at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, and an arrest warrant awaits her recovery for a series of charges including first degree murder.

The child's body has been transported to the Chief Medical Examiner's Office where toxicology will be conducted to confirm whether insulin injections led to Salena's death.

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