Harford County sheriff's deputies arrest son suspected of stabbing mother

In an upscale neighborhood of Forest Hill, Anya Ojiabo returned home here on Rushing Stream Court Wednesday evening, and he knew immediately that something was wrong.
"When he arrived home, things looked sort of out of place---the garage door was open, a door to the house was open and he went in to start looking for his wife... called out to her several times and she didn't respond," said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff's Office.
He discovered his wife's body in an upstairs bedroom with a wood-handled knife protruding from her chest.
When deputies arrived at the home their attention immediately turned towards the victim's missing 20-year-old son.
"At that time, the son, Isaac Ojiabo, had not been accounted for and we knew, also through the investigation, that the mother's car was also missing," said Hopkins, "So we posted an immediate look out for him." 
Almost 12 hours later, in the wee hours of the morning Thursday, deputies spotted the victim's Lexus with Isaac asleep behind the wheel.
They arrested him, and he admitted to detectives that he had fought with his mother.
Police say while there were no obvious warning signs proceeding the killing, there was a history of infighting at the residence over the last year.
"We have been there on several occasions in 2013 for family-related incidents, and apparently in two of those incidents, it was noted in the remarks that there was domestic problems between himself and his mother," said Hopkins, "So as far as I know, that's the only time he's shown up in our system.'
Isaac Ojiabo is being held at the Harford County Detention Center facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, first and second degree murder.
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