2 men accused of stealing soccer goals for scrap

You can't blame Harford County Parks and Recreation for placing four, large soccer goals near the security cameras at its Reckord Road Complex after thieves stole some others just like them earlier this week to make a quick buck.
"They ended up damaging four of the soccer goals.  Right now the initial estimate is about $5,400 to replace those," said Parks & Recreation Deputy Director Paul Magness.
The so-called damage was by design.
It appears the culprits carried the goals from the complex to a nearby vacant house where someone spotted them cutting them up and dialed 911.
A short time later, a Harford County Sheriff's deputy discovered what they were up to.
"As he arrived, he saw that the goals had in fact been cut up or at least metal had been cut up in the back of a Ford Explorer vehicle," said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff's Office.
Paul Brown, 23, and Clarence Kahl, 41, of Baltimore now face charges of theft and destruction of property.
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