Man hit by car faces charges



A man  hit by a car while illegally crossing Coastal Highway is facing charges, police say.

In an ironic twist on a hit-and-run,  Samuel Louis Cribbs, 24, of Murraysville, PA, was charged with unsafely crossing a roadway after he was hit by a car and ran away.

Police say around 2:00 a.m. Saturday Ocean City police responded to 49 th Street and Ocean Highway for a report of a person being hit by a car.

When officers arrived they found the driver of the car at the scene.

The driver told police that a man tried to cross the highway at 49 th street against the signal when he was hit. He rolled off the windshield and fled the scene.

Later that morning police and EMS responded to a hotel where they found an injured and bleeding man they determined to be the pedestrian struck earlier.

Police say the man later identified as Cribbs, appeared to be drunk. 


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