Dispute over garage storage space

ELKTON, Md. - Tucked back in a wooded area off of Old Philadelphia Road East, Cecil County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call that a fight had broken out, but they had no idea how far it had escalated.

"Upon arrival they made contact with a victim who had obvious signs of injury to his facial area... (his) teeth were offset," said Lt. Michael Holmes of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, "He state that he'd been in a fight with another resident at that location.  The fight involved an argument over garage space."

According to police, the fight over who could store what where pitted 34-year old Joseph Chad Ogletree against his own father-in-law, and by all accounts, when the elder combatant was gaining the upper hand, Ogletree sought out an equalizer.

"Our suspect, after the physical fight, went inside the residence (and) came back outside, and according to our victim, (he) had a rifle in his hands, actually put a round into the rifle and then struck our victim in the face with the butt stock of the rifle," said Lt. Holmes.

We spotted Ogletree returning to the house after posting bail on charges of assault and reckless endangerment.

He is refusing to comment on what happened, apparently intent on keeping it all in the family.

Deputies recovered a .35 rifle from a bedroom inside the home with a bullet lying next to it.

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