So-called stalker shot by police in Pikesville

Victim ignored orders to drop weapon

PIKESVILLE, Md. - Iulia and Noam Efron are familiar with the woman who showed up on the front porch.

"We were supposed to be going to sentencing this coming Monday and she decided to pay us an early visit," said Iulia Efron. 

In fact, she's why they installed security cameras and why they moved out of a city apartment to the home in Pikesville.

"We heard another loud noise and I was like the glass is shattering," said Iulia Efron.    

The front window is still broken from what police say was a rock thrown once they arrived.  This all started around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police officers say she was waving a gun and ignored the orders to put it down.  She was shot several times in the upper body.

A day later, police said the gun was actually a metallic replica of a large caliber semi-automatic handgun. 

"We do believe the woman targeted the house.  She was familiar with the homeowners," said Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County Police spokesman.    

The Efrons call it stalking that started a year ago when they lived in a city apartment. 

"We have absolutely no idea what started it, what brought it on.  We don't know why she's doing it," said Iulia Efron. 

Online court records show a second degree assault charge against the woman, but Iulia would not go into what happened.  The couple also says efforts to extend a six-month peace order were denied.

"It was pretty quiet during the restraining order.  We had a couple of incidents with her.  And then once it expired, who knew it could get to something like this.  This is out of control," said Noam Efron.     

Police surrounded the home during the Sabbath, a time when work is traded for family, when cars are parked and walkers are out.  But the sacred time didn't hold off a woman on a mission. 

"Everyone is usually very close.  It's a very welcoming community.  It's shocking that would happen here," said Justin Myorwitz, a neighbor.     

Police don't think it was a hate crime, but it is the reason why the Efrons have looked over their shoulders for a year. 

"This woman is serious.  A piece of paper or peace order clearly doesn't stop her so hopefully jail or something else will," said Iulia Efron.    

Police have not said her name so we won't either until she is formally charged.   She is facing First Degree Assault and Obstruction of Justice.

Police Officer Small is identified as an eight-year veteran.  He is now on routine administrative leave.

The Efrons will go back to the courthouse on Monday to apply for another peace order.

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