Parkville woman shot dead while loading 3 year-old son into car

PARKVILLE, Md. - All the typical news report lines apply here, the bit about the quiet neighborhood or crime like this doesn't happen here, but that's why Clarrissa White was so shocked when she heard what she heard on her way to catch the bus this morning.

"And I heard the pow, pow.  And I turned around because there were doing some work over on this side of the street…it wasn't work, it was a gun shot.  It was a gun shot."   

Three shot gun blasts to be exact police say, but 28 year old Victoria Glover was struck and killed by at least one as she was placing her three old son in the back seat of a dark blue Cadillac.

The toddler was unharmed…physically anyway.

His mother's body meanwhile was on the street where police and neighbors would later find her shortly after 8:45 Tuesday morning in the 1300 block of Dalton Road off Taylor Avenue..

"This is my neighborhood, this is where I live.  I walk and come out my door every day, this is unheard of.  Unheard of.  That's why I am very concerned and I am upset...this is crazy," said neighbor Rachel Darrough.

Crazy but no longer dangerous police say.

Authorities tell us Glover's murder was targeted and while detectives stop short at just that, court records go well beyond.

Neighbors tell us and records show Glover was in the middle of a divorce.

Parkville murder suspect may be dead

Her ex-husband of the same address was also scheduled for a jury trial this morning in Towson for assault and weapons charges but sheriff's deputies say he never showed.

That is when the clerk's office says Judge Patrick Cavanaugh issued a no bail bench warrant.

Baltimore County Police Homicide Detectives will not confirm a connection between the two, but for neighbors that knew Glover, there is one cold hard fact: tonight their friend is dead, killed in front of her own son.

"Without a mother and that is so sad.  That baby is going to have to live without a mother," said White.

County police say the shooting suspect made off in an unknown car, they will only say that this investigation is ongoing.

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