Student charged in videotaped beating

WOODLAWN,Md - Everybody knows about it.

"I think they shouldn't have put that on YouTube like that, that's disrespectful." One student says.

That's because just about everyone has seen it.

The teen in this video gets knocked out on the basketball courts on school property while several other teens looked on and at least two made videos with their cell phones.

His attackers then rifled through his things.

That was on Friday, but that wasn't all.

Several other fights, some inside the school were videoed and posted on YouTube.

All apparently videotaped by the same guy.

"When you do stuff you got consequences it's always fights on YouTube I don't see why it's a big deal."  One student says.

To beat someone in public is a very big deal for county schools.

Parents send their children to school to be safe.

"It's embarrassing it gives a school a bad image we're sitting here having an interview about what happened at this particular school but on the other side of that we have a strong principal that's been at this school for five years and every indicator including graduation is up." Assistant Superintendent for High Schools Mark Bedell says.

What was difficult for school officials and county police was that no one came forward, not even the victim to report the incident.

Bedel says that the video on the basketball court and all the video will now allow them to identify the students involved and investigate this spate of violence.

"Now we are able to take action and that was something that was difficult because we didn't have the information and I know that the principal and his administrators had already started investigating this situation because no one would talk and no one would give names that's a part of what we have to do we have change the culture of what our kids can and cannot do and make sure there's no fear of retaliation." Bedell says

At this point county police have charged 17-year-old as a juvenile with robbery and assault.

Bedell says what is also disturbing about this is that some of the fights may have been spurred on just so that the students could put the video online.

Videos like those involving young people fighting are all over social media these days.

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